If you love cornbread, you’re going to absolutely adore this Mexican style corn cake. It’s creamy, buttery, it has a lovely crumbly texture and a delicious taste of sweet corn. It’s a dessert but also it’s a little bit bready, perfect for breakfast, to have with coffee or tea or as a midday snack.

I really love this corn cake because of its texture. I love cornbread, especially if it’s made with coarse cornmeal, but in this cake, roughly processed corn kernels are added that it makes the crumble of this cake absolutely delicious.

There are a few important tips to give to make this cake as best as possible. First, the corn meal. I recommend using masa harina, the Mexican corn meal, because its grain size is just right. If you don’t have it, you can use regular cornmeal. Just keep in mind, if you like coarse cornmeal for a crumbly structure, you might need to soak it in water or milk for a few hours first, otherwise it won’t have enough time to cook and you’ll be left with a cake that has a ‘sand on your teeth’ texture.

Also, I’d recommend giving your frozen corn kernels a quick round in a food processor. Not anything to make them into a smooth paste, but rather break the kernels a little. 

I love having this cake drenched in melted butter and condensed sweetened milk. Loads of calories, I know but sometimes you just need this kind of a decadent treat and that’s exactly what it is. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do, just follow the instructions below!