I don’t know why lots of people hate porridge, but for some reason porridge does get a lot of undeserved spite. Perhaps it’s because most  porridges are rather unsightly looking. But the truth is, they are actually very really good for you. Especially porridges made with wholemeal grains, gluten free grains or grains that contain a lot of fiber and nutrients. 

This cornmeal mush is a simple porridge made with just a few ingredients, but it provides a filling meal, either for breakfast, or to go as a garnish with main courses. You can have it sweet or savory, with a variety of toppings and sauces.

You can use cornmeal with various degree of coarseness to make this mush have different texture. The coarser the cornmeal is, the more crumble the mush will have. I personally prefer cornmeal mush made with coarse cornmeal. Although it will take longer to boil it.

One of the things that can really simplify it for you is cooking it in microwave. You can also use milk instead of water, for a creamier flavor. After you cooked the mush, you can either fry it and have it for breakfast, serve it with milk and sugar or honey, add fruit to it. Or you can serve it with gravy or sauces and main course for dinner or lunch. 

Porridge doesn’t have to be a kiddy thing you are made to it! It can be fun and delicious. I hope you enjoy this recipe!