Mexican cuisine and food traditions are largely based on corn. You really can’t imagine Mexican food without corn. So it’s no wonder that some of the best recipes are of the Mexican origin.

This salsa combines the sweetness and creaminess of grilled corn and the tartness and spiciness of smoked chipotle peppers. The result is delicious and you’ll want to use it on practically everything or just have buckets of it, with tortilla chips or without.

You can use frozen corn or canned corn, but I do recommend trying this recipe out with fresh baked or grilled corn, there’s something about the smokey flavor in it that goes exceedingly well with the chipotle peppers.

Using good quality olive oil is essential for such recipes. First, it adds quite a bit of flavor. I like the extra virgin olive oil that is so fresh, it’s greenish in color. I also love making this recipe with both cilantro and parsley, because cilantro has such a unique fragrance and flavor, and it goes very well with the spice of chipotle peppers.

Serve this salsa with corn chips, on tacos, with nachos or practically any Mexican cuisine dish. It goes very well with avocado based salads, as part of enchilada filling. I personally just love eating it as is, as a snack or part of a bigger dinner. 

I hope you enjoy this chipotle salsa recipe as much as I do. Just follow the simple steps below  to cook it.