This easy Chinese Corn soup with chicken will rival the soup at your favorite take out restaurant. Thick, warm and hearty the soup is very tasty and made in short 15 minutes without having to pick up a knife and chop anything.

The soup is simplicity at its best and the easiest, fastest soup that I know. Also known as an egg drop soup it is filled with canned creamed corn, chopped cooked chicken, egg and garnished with green onions.

The base for the soup is chicken in vegetable broth. Aromatics like garlic and ginger together with savory soy sauce add another layer of flavors to the soup. Canned creamed corn is a convenient shortcut making preparation of the soup a complete breeze.

The soup is thickened with a cornstarch slurry and whisked eggs. This recipe is traditional but you can also add colorful asian vegetables to the soup as an option. I love bok choy and Chinese broccoli in this soup. But you can add any of the vegetables that are sitting in your fridge with no destination. Carrots, zucchini, cauliflower are all great complements.

I usually always have poached chicken that I use for the meal prep, but you can add any cooked chicken to the soup even rotisserie. Follow the steps below to make chicken corn soup.