This white pizza is a new take on the traditional marinara recipes. Low carb pizza dough is topped with ranch dressing instead of the red sauce and then delicious toppings of chicken, bacon and cheddar are added.

Usually white pizzas are made with an Alfredo or béchamel sauce as a base, but this mouthwatering recipe uses ranch dressing. You can make it from scratch or use store bought.

Low carb crust is a mixture of cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, eggs and almond flour. The dough  is grain and gluten free and absolutely delicious. You can use any of the cooked chopped chicken for the pizza.

The combination of flavors in the pizza is unbeatable. Savory smokey bacon, delicately tasting chicken, melty cheddar cheese and tangy ranch dressing all come together to create this mouthwatering pizza masterpiece.

The dough is rolled to fit the pan and pre baked for about 10 minutes to make the crust. It is then loaded up with the rest of the topping and baked  again for another 5-8 minutes to melt the cheese and warm the chicken through. Garnish it with bright fresh chopped chives and serve.

This pizza is always a huge hit, with both kids and adults. And very low carb so you can enjoy it almost guilt free. Follow the steps below to make this delicious pizza.