If you’re tired of good old ketchup, mayo, onions and pickles relish and are looking for something that is both a little more sophisticated, a little less on the calorie count and a lot more homey, this simple corn relish is for you.

It’s made of fresh veggies and herbs and ground turmeric adds a spicy note that is just perfect. This relish is perfect for roast beef, carpaccios and tartare dishes. I’ve tried it on a rare done beef steak and on a veal carpaccio and it’s absolutely mouthwatering. It also adds a lovely pop of color.

Also, optional, but if you don’t like your relish to be very distinctly sweet, you can lower the amount of sugar in the recipe to your taste. It’s turmeric that brings out the flavor in this recipe, so don’t skip on it. And if you can get your hands on a little fresh turmeric, use that. It looks a little like ginger, but the tubers are smaller. You can use a fine grate to mince the fresh stuff. 

The result is a mix that is both tangy, sweet, a little sour and full of flavors. It’s also best to let it sit for a while before serving. And, as the recipe rations produce quite a lot of relish, you’ll be able to refrigerate the stuff. It keeps well refrigerated and frozen, with a little exception – if you intend to make some to keep it frozen, make sure you use fresh corn and the kinds of tomatoes and cukes that freeze well. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!