☀ Summer

Cranberry Pie 🍰

This wonderful cranberry pie is a true decoration for any holiday season. With its vibrant maroon color wonderful tartness and spicy gingersnap crust, it is great with sweet drinks.

Cranberry Jam 🍯

If you love making your own preserves during the fall season, cranberry jam is a must. Tart and sweet, it can be used as a meat sauce, as a spread for bread and toast and even as a filling for desserts.

Italian Cookies 🍪

The cookies called pizzicati, which translates to pinched in Italian. They are also known as an envelope or bowtie cookies. The cookie is a pretty basic pastry dough that is rolled and cut on rounds, with a teaspoon of your favorite jam placed in the middle of the pastry circle.

Black And White Cookies 🍪

Black and White Cookies or half moon are a classic New York cookie recipe. They are soft, pillow-like, with the perfect, tender crumb, almost cake-like texture. Topped with delicious, glossy, vanilla and chocolate icing they are phenomenal.

Banana Cookies 🍪

Banana cookies are light and fluffy, so there is no crunch here, they are heavenly when served with a cold glass of milk for dunking. The cookies are naturally sweetened with the banana which also adds moisture to create the softest cookies ever.

Pineapple Pie 🍰

This pineapple pie recipe is a simple and quick dessert which offers a delicate exotic flavor. Combined with flakey, buttery crust and juicy inside, this pie is perfect with ice cream or a whipped topping.

Blueberry Pie 🍰

Blueberry pie is full of flakey dough and wonderful berry flavor. It’s one of the easiest berry pies to cook and a perfect way to enjoy blueberry season in the summer.

Berger Cookies 🍪

This recipe is a copycat of a famous Berger cookies and an amazing one. Cakey white cookie is topped with a mountain of chocolate fudge frosting. And it is just divine. Vanilla and chocolate, together in a form of an amazing cookie.

Apple Cookies 🍪

These apple cookies are basically old fashioned oatmeal cookies with chopped apple thrown in. They are soft and chewy and filled to the brim with apples. Perfect for fall when you can simply smell the fragrance of apples in the air.

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