Nothing reminds me more of summer then this colorful, aromatic, refreshing cucumber tomato salad!

I make it during the warm-weather months every chance I get! Which is always, because I live in the warmest place named Florida. In my version I use English cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red onions and fresh organic spinach leaves.

I prefer English cucumbers because they have thinner skin and do not need seeding. I also find cherry tomatoes a little sweeter and less juicy then a regular kind. They will not make the salad watery. Red onions have a nice bite but if you don’t like the rawness of the onion just soak them in cold water for about 10 minutes to get rid of this extra kick.

I also love adding fresh herbs like dill, parsley or basil to it for a wonderful floral flavor. Whatever I have in my fridge or what was on sale at the grocery store.

All this produce is super affordable and usually available year round which makes this salad very inexpensive and convenient to make.

And it looks so appetizing and beautiful on the plate.

I love the combination of all the vibrant summer colors: bright red cherry tomatoes, blush onions, emerald green cucumbers and bold green spinach. This salad looks like a beautiful farmers market basket picture!

I love to use it mostly as a side dish to practically anything and everything. It is crazy nutritious, packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Also very hydrating and filling.

You can however use it as a separate meal by simply adding any protein of your choice to it. Chicken and cheese are my personal favorites. Add some mozzarella balls or feta cheese or grilled chicken and voila you have a healthy light lunch in a flesh.

I also make my own dressing. It is simple vinaigrette that you can whisk together in a minute.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!
You can use in this salad all you have in fridge, like tomatoes, cucumbers peeled of skin, cup of refrigerated green pea, red onion, dill. I prefer chop vegetables while serving.
I it so easy to make this simple vinaigrette especially if you add healthy homemade vegetables. Harvest them soggy in the beginning of the day and immediately cook. Recipe is universal. I like salad served in a big round bowl with some juice without sugar. For lunch it is perfect to serve a salad to a hot dish.