There are so many wonderful fresh vegetable side salads out there. But I particularly love this fresh tomato salad with bocconcini cheese (small mozzarella balls).

Fresh ripe tomatoes in season are an amazing canvas of flavor that can be customized to be as fancy or as simple as you desire.

You can use it as a base to create a dish that fits whatever is available on hand or whatever you are in a mood for.

There is so many ingredients you can add to it. Olives and feta for greek style salad, marinated artichokes and salamis for an Italian fare. Add grilled chicken or cheekpeas for proteins. Use clove and garlic (you can rub it first) for spicy taste. This perfect summer farmers salad is easy to cook. You can add raw rustic vegetables which you want from your garden or buy in supermarket.

This recipe has 5 simple ingredients: fresh picturesque cherry tomatoes, crispy red onions, creamy bocconcini cheese, emerald basil and simple vinaigrette. All wonderful Mediterranean flavors.

I love love bocconcini. They are small mozzarella balls and their name means small mouthfuls in Italian. Very similar in texture and flavor to regular mozzarella as well. They have refreshingly delicate and creamy aroma that pairs great with tomatoes and springy spongy texture that allows them to soak in the salad juices.

So if you happen to be lucky and have some of the salad leftover, get excited because it tastes even better the next day.

I also prefer using cherry tomatoes. I find them more meaty and little sweater then regular kind, for a better balance of flavors. Beautiful basil is unbeatably fragrant and refreshing and gives the salad a bold pop of green color.

The vinaigrette is incredibly easy to make. Extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar with a dash of salt and pepper. No need for a complicated dressing let the tomatoes shine!

It is the best compliment for hot meal, especially for delicious juicy loaf. It can be served with bead toast but it is optional. Add also your favorite drink. The salad is totally healthy, eat it boldly. It is good for digestion.