With the summer approaching you are gonna love this refreshing grape salad that is a perfect dish to bring to all the warm-weather picnics with friends and fun barbecue parties.

It is also a fantastic fruit salad that you can keep in the fridge to snack on! What a great way to add more to yours or your kids diet.

Ripe juicy grapes that are bursting with fresh sweetness in your mouth coated with silky tangy cream cheese dressing. This dressing is so tasty it almost feels like you are eating a cheesecake not a fruit salad.

There is also so many add-ins suggestions like pecans, coconut, mangoes, strawberries and many others-you can have a different salad every week! But no matter how you make it it is sure to be devoured in a heart beat. You can also substitute sugar for honey if it is your personal preference.

It is delightfully refreshing and most important super easy to make. I swear it only takes less then 5 minutes!

Grapes are the real secret of this salad. The fresher, the sweeter, the juicier-the better!

I love using a combination of both seedless white and red grapes. I also half them depending on the size. Just coat them with the fluffy smooth cream cheese dressing you made and leave in the fridge to cool. I also add some chopped pecans for a surprise crunch in every bite before serving.

This salad is sure to become your new get together staple that no one can resist!

This salad is usual dish of american cuisine. Cold sweet crunchy mix is great creamy dessert with seedless grapes. It is easy to cook and serve. Salad has few calories a couple ingredients and soft vanilla taste. Add teaspoon brown sugar and walnuts mixture if you dont have allergy. Is sugar is lumpy, carefully and quickly stir it in cup till it become softened before you sprinkle the salad with it. Evenly split salad to cups and prepare servings before chilling. Combine it with juice or red wine and get fantastic total potluck. It is completely delicious. You can chill salad in the fridge overnight with medium temperature covered with kitchen towel. You can also cover it with cap.