I absolutely love a hearty healthy protein rich salad for lunch and this oriental chicken salad is an ultimate representative of one! I pack salads to work all the time. They are just such a great make-ahead option. Just keep the dressing on the side and you are good to go.

It is so hard to get the needed amount of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet and eating a giant salad as one of my meals, is my go-to solution for this problem.

And I add protein- rich chicken to make it a complete filling and satisfying meal.

Crunchy cabbage, carrots and chow mien noodles, delicious fried chicken and mouthwatering asian inspired honey dressing. Truly an unbeatable combination of flavors and textures. It is seriously addictive! The flavors in the salad are like a little friendly summer-explosion in your mouth. Phenomenally delicious and so easy to put together.

Just under 30 minutes you can have an appetizing and beautiful salad on your plate. It is so tempting and fresh. I love the rainbow of colors. And trust me, in the end of all the time spent chopping and slicing those veggies you will be rewarded in the best possible way. My guilty pleasure in this salad is the finger-licking yummy fried chicken. But because it is homemade it can not possibly be that bad for you, right?

However with all the amazing nutrition and filling veggie food powers I think this salad is still a health bomb. I also love to include homemade dressings with most of my salads, it just tastes so much fresher and better. I don’t know why, but before I always found even the thought of making a homemade dressing daunting. When there’s an entire grocery aisle dedicated to salad dressing, why would I need to make my own?! But I was so wrong. This dressing is so good you will be licking the salad bowl, no joke, and dipping every last veggie you can find, into its goodness.

This oriental fried chicken salad is one of my favorites! It is a stellar salad to add to your weekly salad rotation. Everyone can find something they like in it even biggest salad snobs. I mean, there is fried chicken it it! Enjoy.