This delicious and simple salad makes a wonderful side dish for our family gatherings. I made it for a Sunday football game party and everyone ranted and raved about it and wanted the recipe.

Most salads taste great fresh but this one is even better when made ahead. Super convenient. It tasted yummy and so easy to put together. And it looks soo colorful and appetizing in my salad glass bowl when finished as well.

There are so many variations of the 7 ingredients but I stick with traditional iceberg lettuce, frozen green peas, hard- boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, scallions, bacon and cheddar cheese.

Mayonnaise, sour cream and sugar make up for a creamy tangy dressing that’s is just heavenly when paired with the rest of the ingredients.

Don’t have all the veggies in the recipe or want to change it to fit your personal preferences, never fear, just use what you have on hand. My friend is a vegetarian and I make a version that omits the bacon and substitute it for broccoli. Best part of this salad is just using what’s available. Everything tastes so good in it!

If you are concerned about the size of your waist you can swap the sour cream for a low fat plain Greek yogurt and use sweetener instead of sugar. This would make for a lighter but still creamy and satisfying dressing then the traditional version.

This stay-crisp make ahead salad is a life saver when you don’t have time. I have made it many times for different events and it never fails to please. The trick is to keep the dressing layer on top to prevent lettuce from wilting. No stirring allowed! When you ready to serve just use a long spoon to scoop out a little bit of everything and mix on the plate.

This is a gorgeous salad, so refreshing and a real crowd pleaser. You will be making it over and over again.