This amazing salad is super delicious. It definitely has a place in my “favorite salad” hall of fame.

We  all know we are supposed to eat lots of fruits and vegetables in our everyday diets. And I feel like it is pretty hard to get to that goal. Eating big hearty salads for lunch is the answer. Southwestern salad to the rescue.

It is loaded with fresh, nutritious vegetables and protein rich chicken. Creamy avocado, juicy cherry tomatoes, bright corn and earthy beans all served on top of a bed of fresh, crispy lettuce. It doesn’t get healthier then that. But is is very tasty and satisfying at the same time. And you will love the homemade  low fat creamy cilantro dressing. It is a superstar of this wholesome salad.

The secret ingredient in the dressing is low fat Greek yogurt. Tangy, creamy with silky velvety texture it is a perfect base for this dressing. Forget fattening mayonnaise.

It is super easy to make and will only take a short list of ingredients and under 5 minutes. But it definitely amps up the southwestern flavors of this salad. You can’t even compare it to the store – bought stuff.

We are also gonna use the dressing to marinate the chicken as well. Super convenient! It is gonna give the chicken so much more flavor and beautiful caramelization while cooking. Thanks to this wonderful marinade chicken is gonna turn out crispy and beautifully browned.

I love the rainbow of colors in this salad! Looks so tempting and appetizing on the plate no one would be able to resist this vibrant salad! I also love to serve it with some corn tortilla chips on the side for an extra crunch in every bite you take.

So if you are a lover of a great healthy salad full of flavors this recipe is a fantastic find!