This crispy chicken salad is paleo approved so you can enjoy the crispy chicken without any guilt or worries about the scale. It is wholesome and extra nutritious as well. Filled to the brim with crispy lettuce, creamy avocados, aromatic tomatoes, salty bacon, hard boiled eggs and drizzled with made from scratch honey mustard dressing that is also paleo friendly. The salad is packed with protein, healthy fats and fiber rich veggies. It is nutritious and very delicious.

Chicken and homemade dressing take the center stage in this salad. All the other ingredient being the complimenting flavors and fillers. You get all the taste of mouthwatering fried chicken without the extra calories and grease. Win win for everyone.

A mixture of almond flour and arrowroot or tapioca make the the chicken crispy without having to use any flour yes you will have to go through the process of dredging and pan-frying the chicken, but once you take the bite of this juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside chicken breast you will know that all the effort was so absolutely worth it.

Homemade dressing only has four ingredients and super easy to make without an overload of sugar. Simply mix olive or avocado oil, spicy brown mustard and fresh lemon juice. You can choose to sweeten in with raw honey or date paste. The salad makes a great light dinner or satisfying lunch.