This fried avocado recipe turns out perfectly every single time I make it! These avocado slices are creamy inside and crispy outside that makes an amazing combination of textures and flavors. They are super delicious! And what I like the most is that they can be made absolutely gluten-free.

This dish is very easy to cook and can be made in a breeze of time. All you need is just a few basic ingredients and a couple of minutes. But the result is a delicious ultimate comfort meal that can be served as an appetizer on a party or as a side dish to feed your family.

This fried avocado is an absolutely kid friendly recipe. Kids love these crispy slices so much! It means that the whole family will enjoy this meal.

Here is how we make these tasty appetizers. The peeled and sliced avocados are rolled in a flour-chili mixture, then dipped into the beaten eggs and rolled again in the panko crumbs to make an ultra-crispy coating. Then we quickly fry them until golden brown and sprinkle with salt and fresh chopped scallion.

This fried avocado is much better when served immediately so they are hot and super crispy. I also like to serve it with different dipping sauces so you can use any favorite. Enjoy!