This chicken mango avocado salad is an amazing lunch or light dinner salad. Wholesome and extremely nutritious with perfectly balanced sweet and savory flavors and crunchy/ creamy textures. And made from scratch honey vinaigrette dressing is to die for and super easy to make as well.

This salad has all of my favorite ingredients. Creamy avocado with its delicious nutty earthy taste, ripe cherry tomatoes, sweet tropical mango, zesty red onions, fragrant cilantro, fresh cucumber all served over a bed of crispy romaine lettuce and topped with sautéed chicken breast and sliced toasted almonds. If you would like to make the salad vegetarian you can omit the chicken breast and top it with grilled portobello mushroom or a little bit of quinoa.You can really use any kind of chicken for the salad, grilled, rotisserie or simply sauté it in the pan.

Mango really takes the salad to the next level of deliciousness. The sweetness and aromatic tropical taste really works harmoniously with the rest of the ingredients. It is also a complimenting flavor to the easy homemade honey vinaigrette. Almonds add delicious fragrant crunch and a nice textural contrast with c creamy avocados.

This salad is suitable for any occasion but especially great on a hot summer day when you want something refreshing but filling and satisfying at the same time. It has a wonderful cooling effect and is always a bit hit. The colorful, pretty salad is usually gone in a blink of an eye.