I love casseroles because they are such a universal savory dish. They can be served as a standalone meal or on the side with main course. They are great on the day you cook them, but perhaps even better as leftovers the day after.

All in all this corn casserole is a creamy, soft, buttery goodie with a sweet taste of corn and herbs and is usually a must at my Thanksgiving and Christmas table.

I bake it using sour cream, but if you don’t really like the taste, you can substitute it for greek yoghurt. Heavy cream will also do just fine, but mind that it will pack quite a lot of calories to the dish.

One of the things you can really play with in this recipe is the kind of cheese you will use. I love using mozarella. I usually mix the type of mozarella I use for pizza and unsalted fresh mozarella. You can also add ricotta cheese, cheddar, a dash of grated parmesan or a bit of feta. Mind that adding spicier cheeses will dominate the taste of casserole, so you might want to go with a more neutral tasting cheese as a base and add a sprinkle of parmigiano reggiano or gruyere for tartness.

Have fun with this recipe and let me know what cheese combo works best for you!