Delicious and easy mango coconut cake is a taste of tropics in every bite. I love tropical flavors with mango and passion fruit being my favorites, hands down. Mangoes are in season right now here in Florida and I needed to figure out what to do with all that bounty of ripe fruit that my neighbor gave me from her luscious tree.

This Mango Coconut Cake is a delightful light cake, with crumbly and moist texture, and dominant mango and coconut flavors. Lime infused icing really compliments the tropical fruit and coconut flavors as well. The cake is super easy to make with a handful of ingredient like mango pieces, shredded coconut and coconut milk. It is a perfect summer cake and is always a huge hit.

Leaving in tropical paradise here in Florida I make this cake all the time, it is simply fitting. And a great pairing for a freshly brewed iced tea or fragrant iced latte. You take a bite and almost can feel the salty ocean waves and warming sun.

The cake is very simple, almost like a basic coffee cake without any layering, frosting or twenty steps. The recipe is effortless, mix all the ingredients, bake the cake and glaze with the icing. Simplicity at its best. But do not let the ridiculously easy process of making the cake fool you. It is scrumptious and very flavorful.