With fall rapidly approaching you can just smell apples in the air. The grocery store shelves are overflowing with a sea of freshly picked seasonal apples. So if you are like me and you picked up a pound too much of them and at loss what to do with all this goodness I have the recipe just for you.

This apple cake made with fresh grated apples is delicious and super easy to make. And is a great way to utilize all that bounty of apples that is sitting on your kitchen counter with no destination. The cake itself is super moist and flavorful thanks to the fresh apples but it is also topped with a made from scratch caramel sauce that is simply heavenly. Because apples and caramel are match made in heaven, right.

Apples take the center stage in this cake but surprisingly any variety works just fine. The dominant flavor of apples that what we are looking here taste wise and the apples deliver.

The caramel sauce is a breeze to make but it really makes this dessert. The cake itself is not really sweet so the sauce really hits the jackpot with its beautiful sugary taste.

If you really wanna take the cake over the moon top it with a school of vanilla ice cream and enjoy. The cake is a fall staple in my house and always a huge hit with kids or adults.