Leaving in Florida that is super hot and humid we eat tons of ice cream in our family. And my daughter’s birthday is in September, when the only way to be outside is to be submerged in the pool so of coarse she requested an ice cream cake for her party.

This recipe for the chocolate ice cream cake is fantastic. Filled with crunchy Oreos and melty chocolate fudge, with two layers of luxurious ice cream this homemade treat is so much better then any store bought ice cream cake. And much easier to make them you might think.

All you need is 2 flavors of your favorite ice cream, I used chocolate and vanilla combination, crushed cookies, I used Oreo thins, hot chocolate fudgefor the decadent filling and whipped cream to frost the cake.

Since I was making this cake for my daughter, she really likes simple taste that suits her six year old palette, I used pretty basic flavors. But you can get really creative with the cake. The recipe is more of an algorithm of simple steps but the ingredients are very interchangeable. So let your imagination ran wild and experiment with your favorite flavors. 

The cake is suitable for any occasion but especially great to surprise and refresh your loved ones on a summer day barbecue. It is always a huge hit with kids and adults. It will be gone in minutes without even having a chance to melt.