English cuisine is known for some of the best pastry recipes of all time especially afternoon live recipes. Englishmen have really perfected the afternoon tea to an art and the variety of sweets that is served with tea is known an loved throughout the world. These wonderful little cakes are great for afternoon tea or coffee. They are quite easy to make and can be kept fresh for quite a few days after you make them or even frozen in a freezer for a few months.

The tartness of orange, bittersweetness of dark chocolate and soft spongy biscuit make for a perfect combination and this dessert is sure to have a huge success at any tea party. Even the Queen eats them from time to time!

Seriously, these english jaffa cakes are so good, it’s hard to stop eating them before you eat the very last one. One of my favourite dessert recipes! So I’m warning you, make enough for everyone, so you don’t have to fight your family or friends for every delicious bite.

The making process is simple and doesn’t require too many ingredients or going to a store to shop for something way to specific. Most of what you need to make these cakes are already in your fridge and pantry.

This dish is both sophisticated and simple, so if you want to bring something extraordinary to your book club or surprise people at a cookie sale at your kids’ school and yet not put too much time or effort into it, Jaffa cakes are the way to go. Just follow the few easy steps below and I hope you have a grand time both making them and eating them!

There are only few jaffa cake ingredients. Light traditional golden sponge cake of marmalade and biscuits are semisweet, so do not add much sugar. Chocolate layer must slightly melt covering sweet jelly in this recipe, so has specific tang and flavor. Remove extra chocolate from biscuits surface. You can gently melt chocolate pieces in pan or cup at boiling water. Let cool when baking is finished.

Best choice for recette tea time!

Sift flour, add egg, sifted flour in bowl and stir a bit till mixture thicken to creamy texture. whisk extra flour from table. dough is selfraising, add tablespoon salt while electric oven is heating.