When the weather is hot and the sun beats down, I always crave for all things fresh and fruity and I want my desserts to deliver as well. This Lemon Pound Cake is perfect for a hot summer day, when you want to drink ice tea with a book outside in the shade and have something sweet along.

It’s everything you’d wish for: moist, soft, fresh, full of lemony goodness and delicious, tangy, sweet-n-sour taste. If you are already familiar with regular pound cakes, this is another one of them, but with a delectable citrus twist. Pound cakes are moist and extremely soft. They literally melt in your mouth.

To achieve such a texture, we use a specific mix of ingredients – sour cream for softness, eggs, a lot of them, much for than for other types of dough. And, of course, after you add the glaze to the cake, it prevents it from drying to fast, and it will keep moist and fresh. Well, that is, if you have the strength of will not to eat it in one go.

Lemon icing and grated zest on top give it a wonderful look and smell, oh, and taste, have I already mentioned the taste?

It’s best if you use room temperature ingredients to make this cake, so that your flour doesn’t clot and your dough is smooth and elastic, the baking powder works much better on warm milk and the cake will turn out fluffy and airy, just like a perfect pound cake should be. You can bake it in a classic bundt pan or in a simple baking dish, because no matter the shape, it will taste equally delicious.

So, get your ingredients and set them aside for a bit of time to get to that room temperature and check out how to make this delectable summer treat.