If you look up the list of ingredients for this cake, you will see that they aren’t really different from any traditional white cake, and yet, the result is very much not the same both in color, in taste and in texture.

The yellow cake indeed has a totally different flavor. It’s buttery, creamy, it crumbles deliciously in your mouth, it tastes and smells of rich vanilla and well, it’s bright sunny yellow.

So, what makes this yellow cake different and, most importantly, how to  make it different? There are a few tips I’ve accumulated over the years.

Following them, you’ll be able to make a yellow cake that will pleasantly surprised even the most experienced cake connoisseurs. First and most importantly, try not to go with all-purpose flour. You can, of course, if you absolutely have to, but try using cake flour just once and you’ll see the difference.

Liquid batter becomes dry and soft in oven. Choose the best butter, salt, egg and flour, and you`ll love this recipe. Just image, that even baker will ask you for piece of this cake.

Another thin is when you beat the eggs, try beating yolks and whites separately. You can mix the yolks with a bit of sugar till their color turns lighter. And then try beating the whites with an electric mixer until their volume increases at least three times and they become snow-white and cappy.

The quality of eggs is another thing. Try free-range, large-sized eggs for this cake. Now, if you’re looking for a rich vanilla flavor, try going with an actual vanilla bean stick. It will also add a lovely tinge to the yellow color and those beautiful aromatic vanilla dots.

You can go with a variety of toppings for this one. For instance, my kids love it frosted with chocolate, while I myself prefer homemade berry jams. You can try several varieties and see what suits you best!

Add buttercream, sugar powder before frosting, you dont need very low temperature.

One of my favorite recipes for birthday. It is delicious, do not forget rainbow candles, it is important! Cake is very taste with milk. Every slice and bite are fantastic. I love it more than other cupcakes and cakes.