Spice cake is this great autumn tradition in our family. My grandma used to make it for us kids towards the end of summer, and it would always be a reminder of the coming fall. And Gran also told me that her Grandma had made the same cake. So the recipe and the tradition is pretty old, as you can see.

I really love making this cake no matter the season, but having it during the fall, when the air itself is full of spice and autumn smell and ripeness is just wonderful.

The combination of cinnamon and cloves, the tartness of raisins gives it a perfect tastes and each time I make it and eat it, I get nostalgic of the sweet summer days when I was just a kid at my grandparents’ house.

This homemade cake has fantastic tangy flavor. Use fresh eggs, flavour, oil, make batter in mixer adding ½ tablespoon of ground cloves, ginger.

Cakes like this are perfect for a family gathering, for making together with your kids when you want some bonding time with your nears and dears. The process of making it has the benefit of filling your entire house with the most delicious of smells. It’s really a smell my family loves coming home to.

I use dark brown molasses, applesauce or cream as frosting. It has a lot of moist and beautiful flavors. dessert has fluffy texture. I also add cheese, banana or apple, so the cake will have even more moisture after baking. Pour up frostings and add chocolate crumbs. You can cut the cake and serve every small bite as cupcake.

You can bake this delicious cake in a traditional bundt pan or in a regular pan, it doesn’t matter, it will be eaten in no time anyways. You can also add various candied fruit for a bit of color, decorate it with m&ms, powdered sugar or fresh berries. You can glaze it with melted chocolate or a regular vanilla glaze, whatever floats your boat, get creative!