Everyone loves bananas. Well, almost everyone, but it’s still a universally loved fruit and flavor. Stats show that in a count of pounds, bananas are the most consumed fruit in the world. We always have bananas on our kitchen counter in a fruit basket.

Classic creamy chocolate layered cakes recipes are fantastic. recipe with banana layers are even better. I like to bake it in spring, especially for easter.


But there’s a problem with bananas. They don’t refrigerate well and they go overripe too easily. I hate throwing away food so I try to utilize everything. And there’s a perfect way to utilize bananas no one wants to eat any longer. It’s called banana pudding cake.

These cake slices are perfect for coffee break instead of cinnamon cookies, sweetbreads, berries, sandwich with slice bread. Serve it after fresh vegetable dish and other potluck.

I love this banana cake because it’s not your regular banana bread or fritters. And also because it doesn’t have to be made from scratch and it will still taste delicious. If you need more reasons, it’s also because I love puddings and any pudding-like desserts for their smooth texture, and this banana pudding cake really delivers in this department.

For the simplest version, I go with off-the shelf ingredients. A good cake-mix, a store-bought pudding mix and whipped cream. You can use various flavors, I usually go with banana pudding and vanilla cake mix, but sometimes I love me some almond cake and vanilla pudding. I once tried coconut pudding and added coconut milk to the cake to make it moist, and it turned out simply perfect, so here’s another option.

Batter layer should be thin, but please add a bit of butter. Decorate the top with banana slices and sprinkle with teaspoon of sugar powder.

In any case, you can try almost any combinations. Just follow these simple rules and you won’t spoil it, the result will be rich, soft cake full of banana flavor.

Keep this fluffy baking leftover in fridge for week, but cover it with towel, lid or baking paper sheet.

Appreciate the charm of this dessert!