Before time, when people use to communicate more person to person, when important conversations were carried out over a table set with coffee or tea and whatever you had to go with it, and not on social media, having a coffee cake at home was good manners.

I don’t think that drinking with your friends over Skype is a bad idea, especially, if you’re thrown apart in various parts of the world, but I still think that having a coffee cake at home is good manners. And bisquick coffee cake recipe is perfect for it!

Actually, it’s not even about the manners at all, it’s just about the fact that I like having a quick-to-make dessert at home for an occasion of anyone popping in to see me or even in case I want to sit down with a book and a cup of coffee. I really love something to go with my coffee. And this coffee cake is perfect just for that.

Most people say they have their coffee cake recipes from their Grandmothers and that it’s the taste of childhood. For me, english cookies mean good memories about my first job. One of my colleagues brought this coffee cake over all the time. I got the recipe from her and I use it ever since.

Homemade food is always great for warm nostalgic tune of family weekend, breakfast with parents on Saturday morning, dinner with boyfriend on Friday night or just ordinary lunch. Cake is as simple as chocolate chip cookie but fabulous. Each piece awakens my memory of warm nights and first day of my first job. You can make so many simple but magic things with bisquick coffee cake recipes in your kitchen.

She always said she wasn’t much of a cook and relied on cake mixes, off-the-shelf products and some such for quick and easy cooking. I like this approach, so I adopted it and only tweaked her recipe a little. I love how universal Bisquick mix is and how many recipes you can use it for. My secret of bisquick cake recipe is streusel made of the same dough as the cake. So, here’s a coffee cake variety for you.