I like simple one-layer moist cakes for how little time it takes to make them and also for how flexible they are in terms of being a base for practically any of my culinary fancy strikes.

You can serve this simple olive oil cake with seasonal fruit or berries and a variety of toppings, such as chocolate or caramel. It uses olive oil as a fatty moisture base, so if you’re allergic to dairy, this is a good alternative to pound cakes for you.

When I cook this cake, I usually use some kind of fruit for flavoring. If you ever try this with lime and cherries, you might as well forget any other cakes for a while, it is so good. Almonds, coconuts, pineapple and mangos all make for fine toppings. You can use canned fruit as well as fresh.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that this cake almost needs no prep time. You don’t have to bring any ingredients to room temperature. The only nuance worth mentioning is probably the kind of olive oil you want to use. I use extra virgin olive oil, but you can go for a refined version, if you don’t like the smell and flavor of extra virgin olive oil all that much.

This cake loaf is great with rosemary, lemon, bitter sherry, sweet fruity flavors. I add tender banana pudding, flavorful citrus zest, tablespoon salt, liquid oils, butter different berries, for example blackberries. Dough should be smooth, when you pour it in pan and bake. Baking flour is main ingredient of this recipe. Its great to sift it first in large bowl. Flour must be dry.

You can add vanilla extract, substitute the milk partly or entirely with almond milk or coconut milk for a dairy-free version or add cocoa powder into the mix if you want a chocolate variety of the cake. If you aim for a fluffier texture, beat the egg yolks and whites separately. Beat whites till they are peaky and then gently fold them into the batter.

You can cook this dish without frostings, just sprinkle the top side with light powdered sugar and whisk leftovers. You will love the cake with all your heart.

Serve it when it just baked, or keep in fridge for couple of days. It will not lose its wonderful delicious taste if you wrap cake in kitchen towel.