One of my best friends is allergic to gluten and has a mother of all sweet teeth. You can only imagine how hard it is for her, since a vast majority of all baked goodies is very much not gluten free. I love it when she’s coming over, so I gathered quite a few gluten-free recipes to treat her to something tasty.

This beautiful chocolate-flavored gluten-free cake is a great alternative for grain-based desserts. It’s simple, it’s fast, it has no gluten whatsoever and it’s okay-ed by very many diets.

This light yummy chocolate cake is perfect for child’s birthday, if your little angel has allergy to starches. It is fluffy as cloud and delicious.

Unlike many other gluten-free baked dishes, this particular recipe doesn’t rely on a variety of ingredients that are expensive or hard to come by, so, it’s always a pleasant side effect, because it means, I can make it often and I can get all the products for it locally.

If you need a vegan version of this cake, you can simply substitute dairy milk for coconut milk or almond milk. This will also give the cake a little mild additional flavor. Gluten-free cake flour mix is usually sold at your local grocery store.

My favorite ingredient is vanilla sugar, but you can make it sugarfree unlike the rest cakes and cupcakes. I add lemon, peanut, caramel, mint, pineapple and tapioca. It is fully recommended to blend them and use for frosting or as a layer. It is a kind of gluten free yellow cake if you cook it in pan. You can also use each slice as a cupcake. If you add eggs white, butter and sifted flours, texture will be lighter, but egg is optional if you like vegetarian food. Result will have fantastic taste anyway.

I wouldn’t recommend making too many substitutions to the base recipe, except probably using a particular kind of gluten-free flour, such as coconut flour, for example. For any other products, make sure they are labeled gluten-free, because many products may not content gluten themselves, but would still have traces of gluten because they are produced at the same facilities as gluten-containing produce.

Best of luck with this one, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!