Do you know how to make a pig pickin cake? It is one of those favorite family cakes recipe you could bake instead of muffins and pancakes. I don’t know why it calls pig pickin pie. The top layer is orange as sunset because of frosting made of oranges and chocolate. It is moist and its taste is something you should definitely try it. Decorate it with peanut or candies. This wonderful, fruity cake, bursting with citrus and pineapple flavors and full of bright summer-sun yellow colors will put a smile on your face as if you walked out of a fog into a sunny afternoon.

Pig pickin cake is the taste of home!

And you know what else will put a smile on your face? The fact that this Pig Pickin Cake so quick and easy to make that you’ll ace it even if you’re not very comfortable around ovens and baking pans. Pig picking cake recipe is fantastically simple!

You will need a regular yellow cake mix, cooking margarine or butter, fresh or canned tangerines and pineapples and cool whip. If you feel like making everything from scratch – you can easily do this as well, just use a mix of sugar, baking powder, baking soda and cake flower with vanilla extract for the batter. You can even whip heavy cream for the piggy cake, if you want.

But let’s get back to our easy-peasy lazy version. I love making pig face cake during the summer as a dessert I’d bring when I go to my friends’ house to sunbathe and have a couple of margaritas on a hot afternoon. It’s perfect with chilled lemonade as well.

Pig whip is summery, it’s exotic, it’s creamy and light and all-in-all, a poster child of summer cake recipes. It bakes quick, it keeps well and can be refrigerated and it tastes best when you pull it out of the fridge. The whipped topping will be cool and thick, the juice from canned fruit will soak the cake base and provide for a delicious blend of flavors.

Oh, and have I already said how easy it is to make? See for yourself!