When people hear cassata cake, I’m pretty sure, those you are familiar with it all have their own recipe in mind. As far as my experience goes, there are dozens of versions of cassata cake that vary locally. Some of them may be very different from the one I’m going to share with you right now.

My version of cassata cake is very similar to a strawberry shortcake in a way, because it has the sponge cake base and the strawberries. Cassata cake filling is the same. I use ricotta cheese for the filling and frosting instead of regular whipped cream or mascarpone or cream cheese for kasata cake.

Ricotta has this lovely creamy texture and taste and I love how it goes so very well with both savory dishes and with desserts. It is so neutral that it can take on a variety of flavors, but its texture is so smooth, almost like cottage cheese. Perfect for casata cake.

There are also ways to add more flavor to the cake in ricotta recipes. My way is to make orange-flavored cake layers. You can use citrus oil, or alternatively, you can even substitute milk with orange juice for even more flavor.

The result is simply mouth-watering. The sponge cake base is tender, melt-in-your-mouth great. It also soaked some of the moisture from the ricotta filling. The tartness of fresh strawberries created a perfect contrast of sweet and sour flavors that I love so much in ricotta cheese dessert.

You can serve this cake with coffee or tea. Casatta cake is also very pretty to look at and easily portable, so it’s always an excellent dessert to bring with you at any occasion. I’d say that if you have any left, you would want to keep it refrigerated, but there’s actually a rather slim chance of any leftovers, because it’s so delicious.