Do you know the recipe for cannoli cake?Few things give me more joy than looking at and eating a nice creamy cake, with a look of rustic, homemade dessert. If you share this sentiment, this cannoli cake will be just right for you.

A mix of traditional Italian soft cheeses, mascarpone and ricotta, flavored with vanilla and chocolate chips, give this cake an absolutely delectable taste. It’s as simple to make as it is good to eat.

Real italian cannoli cake recipe is quite simple.

The canoli cake texture is airy and smooth and you will love the creamy flavor of the connoli filling combined with traditional yellow cake base.

Now, the good thing about it is that it is really hard to spoil the filling or have it come out wrong. Mascarpone and ricotta can be easily bought almost at any grocery store and even their cheaper varieties are usually pretty good. This chocolate cannoli cake recipe makes use of electric mixer, but to tell you the truth, I’ve tried making this cake at home with no mixer at hand and guess what, it tasted just as well, only took a tad longer to beat and blend everything by hand.

For decoration and additional taste bud teasing element I use mini chocolate chips, but those can be easily substituted with bits of candied fruit, rasing, other dried fruit, chopped bananas or even fresh berries.

Most of the time, when I’m out of time, I use vanilla extract for the filling, but if you use a real vanilla bean, the flavor is going to be absolutely amazing.

This recipe is a made from scratch version, but I’ve also tried it with yellow cake mix and it was great as well. As you can see, cannoli cake recipe is flexible enough so that you can adopt it to the time and effort you want to spend making it.