To me, crumb cake is really all about the texture. When a recipe is simple enough, it usually emphasized on one of those things, such as a perfect texture or a perfect single-ingredient flavor.

This crumb cake has it all. I’ve found that the amount and the quality or crumb topping in this recipe makes this particular cake absolutely irresistible, no matter how simple it actually is.

The crumbs are many, but not to many and they melt in your mouth when you eat it. The cinnamon flavor is tender, warm and perfectly balances out the flavor of crumbs. This cake is one of those not way over the top cakes you can bring to an office or serve with tea and coffee. It also keeps very well, without the crumbs losing their crispness or flavor.

Not so long ago we had a bake out party at work where every employee had to bring a home-baked goodie and I picked this crumb cake. Out of over a dozen desserts people brought, some of which were really, really good, I have to concede, guess which one had absolutely no left-overs? Yup, it was my crumb cake and I’m immensely proud of that.

If you want something simple, unassuming, but delicious for your dessert, breakfast or lunch break, this cake is just perfect. Try it out and I’m absolutely sure, this cake will convince you it’s grand.