Don’t let the name of this cake fool you. It is called so, but it tastes absolutely delicious. The curious thing about it is that it doesn’t use any common cake ingredients such as eggs or milk. This is because this cake recipe originates in the times of the Great Depression when produce was a bit scarce in some parts.

And yet, despite missing some of the ingredients that are usually considered vital for cake baking, this cake really holds its ground when it comes to taste and flavor. It’s moist, rich, soft, chocolatey and simply delicious.

I learned this recipe from my grandma’s friend. This lovely elderly lady said this was a popular dessert option when she was little and food was scarce and sweets were hard to come by. People in her neighborhood used this recipe for birthday cakes. I must say, trying out this cake today, I find that its taste lacks for nothing.

On the contrary, I find that somehow, the chocolate flavor really stands out and bursts on your tongue and well, I can’t help saying again, how deliciously moist it is.

The glaze in this recipe is made of butter, but you can use whipped cream, condensed milk, Cool Whip, they will all do. If you want to observe the austere tradition, no decoration is necessary, but if you feel like adding a touch of decor, you can sprinkle chocolate chips or grated chocolate on top.