I could say that this recipe is too good for this world, too pure, but the fact is, this cinnamon roll cake is just perfect for this world and boy, am I glad that it exists and we can enjoy it.

Do you like cinnamon rolls? All this creamy frosting and spongy texture? How about when it comes in cake form? Seriously, this cake has all the goodness of cinnamon rolls wrapped in awesome cake shape.

I make this cake for my daughter when I want her to have a really special day and it never fails to disappoint.

It’s a quick cake recipe that you will love. Prepping it is – I have to say it – a piece of cake. All you have to do is whip a simple batter following the instruction, mix the cinnamon topping. Then comes the most important part. Don’t mix the topping and the batter. Simply drizzle the cinnamon filling mixture over the batter once you pour it into your baking pan and spread it evenly with a spatula. Try not to allow them to blend.