I absolutely adore mug cakes. First of all, it’s such a unique way of serving dessert. Second, you can make almost all of them in a microwave! And third, sometimes we use this excuse for not treating ourselves – I don’t want to cook for myself. No, no, and no, this vanilla mug cake is a reason why I can bake a cake solely for myself.

Vanilla mug cake with egg is my guilty pleasure!

You will most certainly find all the ingredients that you need for this vanilla mug cake in your pantry. You simply mix them in a single bowl – or mug, to be precise, microwave it and voila – it’s all done. Cannot be easier.

We will cook 3 ingredient vanilla mug cake.

I like this is the best vanilla mug cake recipe with chocolate sprinkles, but there are so many variants actually. Berries, candied fruit, raisins. Anything goes.

It’s hard to spoil something this simple, but here are a few ways to make this cake even better. Pick a big mug and make sure you only fill ⅔ of it with batter, because it will rise. Mug cakes can keep well, in the same mug they were made in. Solves the problem of serving, too. Make sure your mug is microwave-friendly.

It’s the best vanilla mug cake recipe I know.

Other then that – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. We all deserve a treat as lovely as that vanilla mug cake tasty.