There’s that kind of recipes that I label to myself as Gran’s recipes. They are usually hearty, simple, delicious dishes that have been in my family for ages. Many of them are associated with various family occasions and have become part of our family tradition.

This is one such recipe. My Grandmother made this fruit cocktail cake recipe when I went to her house during summer and friends came over. If she was making it – I knew we’d have people visiting.

The frosting is what gives it its moist, sugary upper level and the perfect nutty flavor. It’s full of baked pecans and shredded coconut and I always wanted to have a piece with cherry on top, so gran just placed cherries on top of each piece.

Gran always made this cake from scratch and whipped her own cream, but you can substitute for the cocktail cake kits or cake mix of your choice and a ready-made whipped cream product.

The process is pretty simple, just follow the instruction below and you will enjoy a lovely dessert with a wonderful cozy homemade fell to it.