I love spinach, fresh and cooked and always search for creative new ways to use it in various dishes. I add spinach to everything, you name it, pasta, lasagna, salads, sandwiches. Spinach is a powerhouse of nutrients, loaded with nutrients and antioxidants and is very healthy for you. I love a hearty ham and cheese and bacon omelet, do not get me wrong, but with the upcoming summer, aka bikini season, rapidly approaching, I am trying to cut down on unnecessary calories and eat more wholesome meals.

This Healthy spinach omelet recipe is perfect if you are trying to stay on shape and a clever way to add spinach to your meal.

Delicately flavored eggs are a perfect compliment to mighty tasting spinach. With just 235 calories this omelet is rich in protein and vitamins and minerals and a complete nutritionally balanced meal. Here is a couple of helpful tips how to trim calories off the omelet without sacrificing anything in taste and flavor department. Substitute whole eggs for egg beaters and use cooking spray instead of butter or oil. You can also add part skim cheese like mozzarella instead of whole milk variety. This way you are instantly cutting down on lots of fat calories in your omelet leaving all the nutrient dense stuff still in the game.

This spinach omelet is a perfect way to start your day with a right foot. It is filling and satisfying without grease and extra calorie overload. You will be energized and ready to take on the day after eating this delicious meal. Serve it with a wholegrain toast topped with avocado for a delicious and healthy carb and healthy fats fix. Enjoy!