Summer is a season of vacations, camping and just enjoying your family and friends. Who doesn’t love camping you ask me, crazy people I answer, I mean Camping is the best! We go camping every summer and I love it so much. There is nothing better then waking up in the morning in a beautiful picturesque location to a fresh cup of aromatic coffee and amazing breakfast, right? But how do you make a delicious breakfast when you are camping? I have phenomenal omlette in a bag recipe for you. Omelet in a bag is perfect for camping.

The idea behind the omelet in a bag is that you basically crack eggs into a zip lock, beat them, and add any ingredients of your choice. The cooking is as easy as getting water boiling and cleanup is virtually non existent, just toss the zip lock bag away after your omelet is done.

The best omelettes in a bag part is that all the omelets are portioned and everyone can customize theirs the way they like. Everyone is a Happy Camper, can you imagine that!

To make omelette in ziplock bag even easier you can prepare all the ingredients for adding to the omelet and also the toppings the night before to make the experience of cooking the omelettes completely effortless and just a a breeze. Another bonus is that you can cook up to 6 omelets at once depending on your pot size. What a way to feed a hungry crowd.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to fillings and toppings: Cheese, any of your favorite like mozzarella, gruyere, cheddar even brie. Ham, cooked bacon and prosciutto, salami, cooked chicken and shredded pork. For all the veggie lovers out there basically anything your heart desires. Topping suggestions are unlimited as well, salsa, fresh herbs, butter, guacamole, you name it.

This omelette in a bag recipe is simply genius and brilliant. And most importantly very tasty and convenient! Enjoy with your favorite garnishes and a view.