Eggs are such a simple product. Surely, there isn’t much variety, when it comes to eggs? Nope, actually, there is.  Dozens of awesome omelette recipes here, from simplest to gourmet.

Omelette In A Bag 🍳

Genius and simply brilliant breakfast idea for camping this portioned omelet in bag will make everyone a happy camper. Customize you omelet to suit your personal palette and enjoy with a view.

Spinach Omlette 🍳

Start you day with this healthy and wholesome spinach omelet that is low on calories but high in nutrition. Feel energized and revitalized and ready to take on the world with this vitamins and minerals dense dish.

Mushroom Omelette 🍳

Umami rich forest mushrooms make a perfect filling for the delicate omelet with their woodsy, earthy flavors. The omelet is easy to make but the end result is restaurant worthy, elegant and delicious dish that will impress even the pickiest eaters.

Japanese Omelette 🍳

This Authentic Japanese rolled omelet is savory and sweet thanks to the added seasonings like dashi, soy sauce, miring and sugar. All the ingredients are simple and the hardest part is really rolling the omelet. This technique  is a true art form of its own

Fluffy Omelette 🍳

The secret to making the fluffiest, airy, pillow like omelette is to beat the egg white and yolks separately. The technique is flawless and you always get the best fluffy eggs guaranteed.

Veggie Omelette 🍳

There is no better way to start the day then with this easy but mighty healthy veggie omelet I really love the combination of vibrant fresh vegetables and savory eggs. This omelet makes a complete wholesome meal that is boosting with nutrients.

French Omelet 🍳

This French omelet recipe  is classic and timeless. The traditional egg dish is made with just eggs, butter, gruyere cheese and fresh, chopped herbs. Simplicity at its best. The delicate taste of the eggs is really shining through.

Cheese Omelette 🍳

Omelettes are breakfast favorites in my family and might even rival waffles for the first price. But the best part they are healthy! Yes, eggs are an amazing source of high-quality  protein and rich in  vitamins and minerals. The egg is a powerhouse of disease-fighting nutrients like lutein. Eggs are also rich sources of selenium, […]

Western Omelette 🍳

This simple but delicious omelette delivers amazing flavor and texture in a package of just 5 basic ingredients. Eggs, milk, ham, onions and bell peppers all come together in this wonderful timeless omelette combination to excite your taste buds.


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