Omelettes are breakfast favorites in my family and might even rival waffles for the first price. But the best part they are healthy! Yes, eggs are an amazing source of high-quality protein and rich in vitamins and minerals. The egg is a powerhouse of disease-fighting nutrients like lutein. Eggs are also rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.

And eggs are affordable, and widely available. I prefer buying my eggs organic. You can even see the difference in the egg yolk color compared to a regular egg. Organic egg yolks are vibrantly orange and bright. And the taste is hundred times better. Anyone who has ever had an egg from a farm knows.

So I love making meals centered around eggs, they are quick, easy and wholesome. This cheese omelette is so simple but delicious. And because it is so pleasantly simple you can really taste the egg and not all the rest of the ingredient that we usually fill our omelettes with. Melty cheese really binds everything together. The omelette is creamy and rich, and oozing with gooey cheese.

This meal is so kid-friendly. Because kids are usually not really adventurous in their tastes they will absolutely love this omelet. Serve it with a multigrain toast (or on top of it), with your favorite veggie salad or colorful fruit for a nutritious, filling meal.

You can cook your omelette open, adding cheese into it and covering it with a cover to finish, or you can fold the cheese in. It’s important that you keep your temperature on the low side, as you don’t want your omelette to get brown. You can also add cream, milk or water to achieve the desired consistency and creaminess. Adding more liquids might make your eggs tougher and slimier so I am leaving it out in this recipe going just with the eggs. And you need to really beat the eggs until they are fully combined, a perfect yellow color with a little bit of frosting on top. Either way you prefer making, it it always comes out great and tasty.