Meringue cookies are feathery light and airy cookies that are made from whisked egg whites and sugar. Those simple cookies are so fluffy, weightless and melt-in -your-mouth amazing no one could resist them. This is my favorite recipe to making those floatable cookies. I become addicted to meringues and marshmallow each holiday, especially in winter. Though the ingredient list is ridiculously short with only four basic ingredients, the technique of making those cookies is the hardest part.

Classic meringues are white, but you can make them dark brown with tablespoon chocolate. Coloring cookie is cool, I enjoy it.

This recipe only calls for 4 egg whites and a cup of sugar but when beaten, egg whites can expand to up to eight times their original volume. Sugar not only adds sweetness, it also stabilizes the egg whites by coating them with sugar so they can be beaten longer and don’t dry out as fast. Sugar also decreases the volume and lightness of the meringue, so it is important that the sugar be added gradually, and usually never before the egg whites have been whipped to at least four times their original volume.

The sugar is gradually beaten into the egg whites once they have reached soft peaks, and then the mixture is whipped to firm peaks.

It’s best to use superfine sugar for this, because they dissolve quickly. And make sure your egg whites are at room temperature. This type of meringue is the least stable but also the lightest, which makes it perfect for soufflés and cookies.

To keep your meringue cookies pristine white make sure to beat your egg whites in a complete moisture and oil free mixer bowl and not have any traces of egg yolks. In order to do this make sure to crack them on a flat surface, not the edge of your bowl, and separate them while cold, right out of the refrigerator.

You can however amp up the taste of the meringue by adding extract flavors like vanilla or almond and give your cookies fun pops of color with different food colorings. Perfect for different occasions. Meringue cookies stay fresh and crispy in airtight container for up to 3 weeks.

Take cooled humid eggs from fridge and separate white from yolk immediately as in instructions. Avoid crushed eggshells. Grease baking sheet.

Next steps are mixing several tiny egg whites with sugar, overbeating them till you have great thick glair absorbed all sugar, fold teach peak of pieces and actually baking in oven (heat it up in advance). Do not forget teaspoon salt. Small crisp sticky chewy baked meringues are completely combining with sweet cream. Dipping in cheese fondue is also bright and delicious. It takes an hour to cook them.

Finally decorate plate with peppermint and red berries. You can easily make tall cake of them with few calories.