? Among all the recipes of how to have your vanilla or chocolate or strawberry cake or cupcakes beautifully prepared this recipe is very good. It is light, doesn’t need any heavy ingredients or additional equipment. The flavors or the meringues will create the nice morning atmosphere with flavor of the cup of espresso.

Here is the italian meringue buttercream frosting recipe.

Do you know how to make italian meringue buttercream? Italian meringue buttercream is a frosting for your favorite desserts made with simple basic ingredient. Because italian meringue icing contains whipped egg whites it is much fluffier, lighter and silkier compared to a regular buttercream, that only has butter and sugar. I also find it not as sweet. Sometimes buttercream could be cloying and I like it unsweetened and unsalted. Sometimes I like to add orange puree or some juice to white to make the taste interesting and fresh. Sometimes I need something granulated and I add corn or peanut. But this is optional of course.
So, take the deep bowl and be ready to whip.

The process of making Italian meringue buttercream starts with whipping your meringue.

Making any kind of the meringue might seem intimidating, especially the Italian kind. It is considered “the hardest” to make. But truly it is not that difficult. Making it just means you are gonna need to cook a simple syrup using sugar and water and heat it up to a certain temperature, 240F to be exact. You are gonna need the candy thermometer for that. I like to use a digital kind, they are more accurate and easier to read. It is the best italian meringue buttercream recipe!

I also recommend using a stand up mixer for whipping your meringue to make it a pleasant, painless experience.

Italian meringue is made by drizzling 240-degree Fahrenheit sugar syrup into whites that have already been whipped to hold firm peaks. Whipping continues until the meringue is fluffy voluminous, silky, stiff, and glossy. And it has to get cool as well. Adding hot sugar syrup actually cooks the egg whites. This locks the protein structures in place and prevents your meringue from breaking.

Italian meringue buttercream recipe is not simple but it’s worth it!

The next step is adding butter to your mixture of whipped sugar and egg whites. In order for buttercream not to separate, the butter and meringue have to be at the same temperature. To achieve this make sure your meringue is fully cooled down and your butter is at room temperature.

Once you buttercream frosting is fully mixed you can start adding flavorings. Here is some suggestions. Use fruit purees or nectars. Make them by pureeing fruit in blender. Good examples are strawberry or passion fruit. Don’t use anything sweetened. Use extracts like vanilla, liqueurs like Grand Marnier or Kaluha, Rum or Brandy, Espresso Or Coffee, spices like cinnamon or cardamom. And of coarse chocolate. Use unsweetened, melted and cooled to a room temperature. You can also use any food colorings.
So, meringue buttercream vs regular buttercream. Which side are you on?