Can you bake italian meringue? A meringue is a mixture of egg whites whisking in a bowl in a foam of air bubbles mixing with sugar as stabilizing.

I`ll give you italian meringue recipe in grams.

So what is italian meringue? You make a mix with crunchy texture after being baked. Each recipe of it is rather easy and allows you to have sweet decoration of your dessert – cake, tart, cookies. They could have rich flavor of juice if you add it to cream, creaminess and lightness.

What is french meringue? There are three types of meringue: their differences lie in when and how the sugar is added. There is French, Italian and Swiss. They are differentiated by the extent to which the egg white foam is heated and the meringue’s resulting stability.

Making any kind of the meringue might seem intimidating, especially the Italian kind. It is considered “the hardest” to make. But truly it is not that difficult. Making it just means you are gonna need to cook a simple syrup using sugar and water and heat it up to a certain temperature, 240F to be exact. Italian meringue temperature is quite important. You are gonna need the candy thermometer for that. I like to use a digital kind to bake italian meringue, they are more accurate and easier to read.

I also recommend using a stand up mixer for whipping your meringue to make it a pleasant, painless experience.

Italian meringue is made by drizzling 240-degree Fahrenheit sugar syrup into whites that have already been whipped to hold firm peaks. Whipping continues until the meringue is fluffy voluminous, silky, stiff, and glossy. And it has to get cool as well.

Adding hot sugar syrup actually cooks the egg whites. This locks the protein structures in place and prevents your meringue from breaking italian merengue.

Sugar is heated to the soft-ball stage while egg whites are whipped to soft peaks. The hot sugar is slowly poured into the egg whites and vigorously whipped to stiff peaks.What is soft-ball stage you are wandering. For example, at 235-240 F, the syrup is at the soft-ball stage. That means that when you drop a bit of it into cold water to cool it down, it will form a soft ball.

Italian meringue considered to be the most stable out of all 3 varieties. That is why it is often used to frost cakes (alone or as a base for buttercream frostings), to top filled pies, or to lighten ice creams, sorbets, and mousses.

It’s the most easy italian meringue recipe I know.

It is super ethereal, sweet and satiny. But holds its shape amazing. It is perfect for making all of your favorite desserts like macaroons, lemon meringue pie or your Italian buttercream frosting.