This recipe is my go-to for the royal icing. It has meringue powder in it, in place of raw eggs and is a breeze to work with, will never give you trouble being to hard that you are afraid to chip your teeth off when biting into the cookie and it sets pretty quick. The flavor is subtle and delicious and texture is perfect for decorating cookies. The whole process of decorating becomes effortless and simply fun and the icing is ideal for both flooding and outlining the sugar cookies. And now I’m going to tell you how to make this perfect royal icing with meringue powder.

The secret and mighty ingredient is meringue powder. It is used instead of raw egg whites which is a part of traditional royal icing.

I use only confectioners sugar while making royal icing with meringue powder for assorted cakes and other pastry. Never add damp sugar, dry it in medium bowl first! Then you can put it in mixer.

The consistency of the icing stays sturdy and robust that hardens on the cookies in a flash but I just love the convenience of the meringue powder adalah. You can find meringue powder in baking sections of the grocery store or online. What you can use instead of meringue powder? You can try to use egg whites but I do not recommend it. Meringue powder is cheap and lasts a long time. And you do not need to deal with raw egg whites in your icing, when you can achieve the same exact results with just a sprinkle of meringue powder.

You can use additional food coloring or other ingredients to create needed tint and decorate gingerbread if desired. Any cake immediately becomes festive one with thin or thick frosting on it. Cookies covered with icing create Christmas mood! It takes few minutes to cook it. So many versions of decoration are available. You can add simple warm chocolate drops to make peaks or some creative chocolate form. Prevent too fast drying of icing. High speed of using is needed otherwise it becomes stark as plastic.

The ingredient list for this royal icing is ridiculously short: confectioner’ sugar, meringue powder and water. The real circus trick is to land a perfect consistency of the royal icing. It can be easily done by simply manipulating the water/confectioners’ sugar ratio. Add more or less of either ingredient as you beat your icing with a blenders whisk attachment. You know your icing is at ideal consistency when lifting the whisk up off the icing, the icing drizzles down and smoothes out within 10-15 seconds.

You can wrap each cookie in white napkin and serve with tea cups.