This oldfashioned chocolate meringue pie is a southern classic. Tender pie crust is filled with luxuriously rich chocolate filling and fluffy and airy meringue. A truly unbeatable combination. I love homemade pies.

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Also I like meringues as they are easier in preparation than other decorations, it doesn’t take hours, need only whites whipping, not supersweet, very balanced. Just be sure you use clean knife and don’t forget to add a tad of oil. In this case the meringue will be baked nicely, will hold its form and doesn’t turn into a soupy mess over your plate. The classic recipe contains vanilla extract but it’s up to you whether to put it or not. I will remind about it later but be sure you keep the pie at room temperature and the refrigerate it without any cover. Before cutting gently dip the knife into the water so that meringue doesn’t stick to it. You can keep the leftovers, just wrap eech slice into the plastic.

My mom used to to cook according to this easy chocolate meringue pie recipe so did my grandma. Thank god for the stand up mixers, because they used to beat the meringue by hand. I guess a nice arm workout was a bonus.

Chocolate custard filling is just stellar. It is sweet and delicate. Melt-in your-mouth texture with a decadent chocolate taste. Thick and smooth consistency is oh so tasty. Just phenomenal. Meringue is light and floatable with just a touch of sweetness. Those two fillings are a perfect compliment to each other and create an ultimate balance of flavors and textures.

Making this pie seems like an ambitious resolution. It is truly a labour of love: you warm the oven, you make a pie crust, you make chocolate custard filling, you whip up the meringue. But trust me it is so worth it in the end.

Nothing can beat a homemade pie! This chocolate meringue pie is definitely worthy of a company! It is a solid, foolproof recipe to make for a special occasion like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It comes out great every time.

Don’t be intimidated by the meringue. It is actually super easy to make. Just remember to separate eggs while they are cold out if the fridge and make sure no egg yolks leak in. Beat the meringue in a completely moisture and grease free mixer bowl. You will be rewarded with snowy white, glossy, beautiful meringue!

The pie is very appetizing and pretty. The smell coming out of the warm oven while the pie is cooking is taunting. The hardest part is to wait for it to be ready!