This Keto zucchini bread is a so delicious you will never feel like you are missing out! It is filling and satisfying. In the flavor department it is so amazing you will never know that it is also low-carb. Grated zucchini add to a fluffy but moist texture of the bread. It is slightly sweet and just plain delicious.

Great with butter or cream cheese and is a wonderful compliment to your morning cup of coffee or tea. It also makes a great crunchy snack. Dip bread in olive oil, it is delicious. Ginger and nutmeg are the best supplement for spicy zucchini bread if it is your taste. Dont go overboard with salt! Use also chopped walnuts and your couple will be thrilled.

I have made this particular keto zucchini bread recipe with coconut flour in order to make it not only Keto but also nut-free. My husband is allergic to most of the nuts so I couldn’t use almond flour and I was trying to bake something delicious but at the same time wholesome and nutritious. And I also wanted to live out my fantasies in the kitchen.This is a perfect keto diet recipe for that.

But you can use any gluten-free or Keto-friendly flour. Baking without gluten can get a little bit tricky since gluten is the component that holds everything together. So it is very important to use the correct gluten-free flour. Combination of flours work best! Fortunately, it’s getting easier and easier to find a variety of alternative flours. You can find them in the natural foods section of any large supermarket or online. Gluten gives breads their soft spongy texture. To replace gluten, you’ll need to use other thickeners like xanthan gum or guar gum in your baking. Look for flours that have it in them.

I am using coconut flour in this keto zucchini bread recipe mostly due to the nut allergies. but it is also lower cost than almond flour and has less inflammatory properties. If you are on a Keto diet it add up fast. coconut flour is basically ground nuts, full of fat and moisture, entirely without gluten and not nearly as powdery, fine and dry as wheat flour. It is one of my food necessities now!

Coconut flour gives the bread a delicate nutty aroma and some extra protein to bind everything together. Normally one loaf is enough for five servings. You can feed all your family!

Trust me it just works! And it is a great compliment to the moist delicately flavored zucchini. They carry out the coconut flavors beautifully.
You can use another version of this bread recipe to bake sweet keto friendly dessert. To make a keto dessert recipe just add vanilla and cinnamon along with the rest ingredients of zucchini keto bread to the mixture, enjoy the baking process, quickly cut your browned loaf and sprinkle each slice with sugar powder. Also you can find other keto zucchini recipes on this site.