Omelet is everyones breakfast favorite. Eggs are an amazing source of high quality protein that is light but filling. Eating omelet will make you full and give you energy to conquer the world not make you sluggish and tired. You can eat omelet for breakfast, lunch or dinner and customize this basic egg dish with any of your favorite ingredients for a complete, nourishing meal.

However, there is a technique behind cooking the most perfect omelet. A perfect omelette should not be overcooked and dry. The egg mixture should be just set so the omelette wobbles slightly when shaken. At the same time it can not be undercooked and watery with eggs slimy and runny.

To achieve the best results read through all the steps of making the omelet first and follow them strictly. Eggs cook very fast so you will not have time to consult the recipe once your omelet is in a pan.

This French omelet recipe is classic and timeless. Basic ingredients that create this delicious concoction can be enhanced with all kinds of different fillings that suit your personal palette and taste. And very easy and quick to make. The traditional French omelet is made with just eggs, butter, gruyere cheese and fresh, chopped herbs. Simplicity at its best. The delicate taste of the eggs is shining through. Bold and pungent gruyere cheese adds a lot of flavor, without overpowering, as well as a wonderful melty texture. Herbs add and unbeatable freshness making this omelet simply irresistible dish.

Enjoy as is or jazz it up with cooked vegetables, fresh tomatoes and avocados, ham, prosciutto or bacon, or even go as far as caviar. However you decide to eat this simple but delicious omelet it never disappoints.