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Pfeffernusse Cookies 🍪

Fragrant pfeffernusse cookies are phenomenal. Soft, melt in your mouth on the inside with the most aromatic taste and crunchy, sugary icing on the outside. They are perfectly sweet and just smell of Holidays.

Mushroom Lasagna 🥧

Perfect for vegetarian and meat eaters alike this amazing mushroom lasagna is phenomenal. Just the mushroom sauce alone is to die for. It is filling, satisfying and comforting like a big warm hug in a form of a slice of lasagna.

Healthy Lasagna 🥧

There is no sacrifices in flavor department and with only 259 calories per serving this healthy lasagna is a definite winner. With a couple of tricks under your belt how to trim off the calories you can enjoy your favorite comfort dish absolutely guilt free.

Olive Oil Cake 🍰

This olive oil cake is a fine alternative to poud cakes that use sour cream to make the cake fatty and moise. Served with any seasonal berries or fruit, this can be a great dairy-free dessert option.

Shrimp Toast 🍤

This fabulous shrimp toast is what you have been looking for. It is delicious, creamy, cheesy and simply irresistible. It is an original appetizer that is sure to wow your guests.

Sheet Cake 🍰

Sheet cake is a fast and awesome way to add delicious sweet flavor to any event. It’c chocolatey, rich and warm and will be a highlight of any party.

Pizza Sauce 🍵

This sauce is flavorful, thick and very tasty. And super easy to make with just a handful of ingredients. The flavors are perfectly balanced so is the texture, not too thin and not too thick, easy to spread and no clumps of tomatoes.

Sweet And Sour Sauce 🍵

Sweet and sour sauce is a Chinese take out staple dipping sauce. Just like the name implies it is sweet and tangy.

Tahini Sauce 🍵

Tahini sauce is a delicious condiment widely used in Middle Eastern and Israeli cuisines. It is creamy, tangy, nutty and exceptionally smooth. The quintessential ingredient in this full-bodied sauce is crushed and toasted sesame seed paste known as tahini.  

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