Corned Beef is a great traditional Irish cuisine dish. Its tender meat and flavorful taste is beloved of so many people. Instead of buying off the shelf corned beef, you can make your own with just a few ingredients. You’ll only need to follow the simple instruction for a perfectly cooked corned beef.

Corned beef can be a main course, it also keeps very well, so you can cut it for later and serve it on sandwiches, as a cold cut snack, in salads and what not.

So, how does one cook corned beef that is both tender and juicy without doing too much prep and fussing? Here are a few tips and tricks. The important step is the brining. Historically the beef was brined, or corned, with large hunks of natural salt, called corns. You can brine using coarse salt. I like using natural sea salt a lot. Nowadays the spices that are used in corned beef are very common – pepper corns, bay leaves, some of the most common green herbs.

There is a variety of spice mixed for corned beef and you can select the one that most appeals to you. Another important ingredient is dark beer. I usually go for dark Guinness beer, but there are so many varieties nowadays, including craft beer, that you can choose anything you like. It will affect the flavor. A few cups of veggies cooked in leftover water from corned beef will make for a great side dish.

Now, just follow the simple steps below for an easy and delicious corned beef recipe. Have any tips of your own to share? I’d love to hear them!

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