Pork chops cooked on a grill is a delicious meal that is perfect for a summer cookout. When brined and prepared properly, pork chops will turn out tender and juicy, with a crispy delicious crust that will have your mouth watering while you cook it.

It will only take a few minutes per side to grill them, even if your pork chops are one inch thick or so. Cooking over direct heat is great for pork specifically, as it cooks through fast, leaving the inside tender and the outside is golden brown.

Looking for a simple way to cook great pork chops on a grill? Look no further. The technique is pretty simple. Brining or marinating is important. It tenderizes the meat and helps it cook faster. There are plenty of ways to prepare the brine, the most common and tried out is a brine made of water, vinegar, brown sugar, salt and spices.

Pork chops cook pretty fast and the doneness temperature for them is 160F. Even if you’re pretty sure about cooking by the look, having a kitchen thermometer at hand is of great help. Just stick it into the thickest part of meat right at the bone. Overcooked pork chops tend to be dry and flakey, so even if you intend to keep them on the grill to have them warmed up longer, make sure your grill is on low.

Follow the simple steps and instructions below to cook most perfect pork chops on a grill! Have any tips to share? sound below.

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